October 2017
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Whitehorse In The Morning

The day after we arrived in Whitehorse we woke up bright and early because we hadn’t adjusted to the time difference yet. We decided to walk around and explore the city while there was minimal activity on the streets. I managed to take a few shots of things I found interesting. The architecture and urban [...]

Toronto Skylines

I recently attended a wedding at the Atlantis Pavillion, which was a lot of fun. I didn’t even know there was such a place existed by Ontario Place. It is right by the lake and I was able to take advantage of the numerous photo ops of the Toronto Skyline. Here are three I took [...]

Toronto Signage

Toronto, like most major cities, is filled with signage everywhere. Most of the time I feel bombarded with the numerous images of semi-pornographic ads, visually loud posters, and the infinite small traffic signs on a single metal post. I’d much rather take the visual bombardment on the streets than on the TTC though. Here are [...]

The Efficiency of TTC Streetcars

Anyone who lives in Toronto and has to take streetcars knows how infuriating it is to wait for a streetcar that seems to never come and just as you see it in the far distance you notice that is followed by one or more streetcars behind it. USELESS!

These shots were taken in Chinatown [...]

View of Downtown

Yonge St. looks pretty good when you drive more north and look southward. I took this shot from the bridge by the St. Clair subway station.