October 2017
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Good Friday Gunjee

Hubster and I made the trek back to B-town a couple of days ago to spend Good Friday with my family. We ate our typical Good Friday meal, gunjee, which is boiled rice in water with yogurt, chutney and/or pickle. It is a typical meal that we eat for funerals so it is fitting that [...]

Christmas Goodies

I had a very enjoyable Christmas season. It was great having so many days off and I was booked solid with friends and family time. Hubster and I spent Christmas weekend at my parents’ place and we had our traditional Christmas Eve night sitting by the fire in the family room reading the Bible of [...]

MaRS Pumpking Carving Contest 2010

I had the opportunity to photography this year’s Pumpkin Carving Contest at MaRS last week. Tenants in the MaRS building are invited to compete against each other by trying to carve the best pumpkin. Let me tell you, people brought their game! There were so many awesome pumpkins carved with great ideas and excellent skills. [...]

Canadian Thanksgiving 2010

Last year I spent Thanksgiving with my sister and good friend in Fukuoka, Japan. We had delicious Indian curry and naan that night. It was such a memorable night. This year since my sister is back in Canada, Thanksgiving was extra special. She was waiting to have our traditional Thanksgiving dinner with cornish hens. We’re [...]

Hen Over Turkey

My family has never been a fan of turkey dinners. I think we tried it once soon after we immigrated to Canada and haven’t had it since. Turkeys are too big and too bland. In fact I don’t find them appetizing at all. So instead of a turkey dinner we have Cornish hens. They are [...]