October 2017
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4×4 Whitehorse Tour

While in Whitehorse we didn’t have access to a vehicle so we decided to go on a tour which would take us around to local sweet spots. Normally we do not ever sign up for tours because we love exploring on our own, but this was totally worth it. We signed up for the Sub-alpine [...]

Rancourt Winery

Our second stop on the wine and bike tour was Rancourt Winery, which used to be a peach orchard. It was a family-owned and operated place and a much more intimate experience in comparison to Jackson Triggs. I personally prefer the smaller places since it’s more relaxing and interactive. I especially liked their riesling wine, [...]

Jackson Triggs

I went on a bike and wine tour this past weekend with Zoom Tours for a friend’s birthday. It was a lot of fun and I was surprised as to how much fun riding a bike is. We went to four wineries with our tour guide and then a fifth on our own after we [...]

Kyoto Imperial Palace

Hubster and I went to both the Tokyo Imperial Palace and the Kyoto Imperial Palace. The latter was definitely more worthwhile. Both had really large groups for the tours but the Kyoto one actually split up the Japanese speakers and non-Japanese speakers into different groups so our tour was given in English. Very refreshing. Plus [...]

Tokyo Imperial Palace

One word to describe the Tokyo Imperial Palace: disappointing. I expected more from the current palace (it’s changed cities a few times), especially since the Emperor and his family actually live there. Plus you have to book tickets in advance and it is quite limited since there are only two tours a day and none [...]