October 2017
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Beer Museum

The beer museum is love! And just like the Parasite Museum, it’s free. The beer isn’t free, but it’s still very affordable. The museum includes displays of the factory over the years, videos of how beer is made, and various historic advertisements. It was really interesting and well worth going. At the end of the [...]

Meguro Parasitological Museum

The Parasite Museum is one of those places that is really educational, interesting, and severely disgusting at the same time. Another plus aspect is that it is completely free! But after you go through the museum, which is filled with various types of parasites, you’ll want to make a donation because it’s so awesome. Or [...]

Hachikō Update

So I updated the previous Hachikō post I made and actually posted the failed picture that we took of him. I even “failed” the picture FAIL Blog style using the Lolcat Generator. I think in the future I will post more of my FAIL/failed pictures on here. In the meantime enjoy the Hachikō fail.


Halloween in Japan

Halloween was everywhere in Japan. There were decorations in cafes, many restaurants, in book stores, gift shops, clothing stores, etc. They even had limited edition Halloween snacks and treats selling everywhere. You would think with all the Halloween things around that it was a huge deal. Well apparently it isn’t. From what I was told, [...]

Meiji Shrine

Meiji shrine is a huge shrine dedicated to the late Emperor Meiji and his wife Empress Shoken. The shrine was built after their deaths for the Japanese people to pay their respects. There are several gates for leading up the shrine and the gravel paths seem never ending. But it’s a nice walk, especially among [...]