October 2017
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Potato Bhajiyas

One of my favourite Indian snacks that my mom makes is potato bhajiyas. It is made by slicing potatos into slices, about 4mm thick, dipping them in batter and deep frying them. You then dip into your sauce of choice, which for my family is ketchup. You can use several different vegetables for this including [...]

Treats In Ottawa

Since it was so flipping cold in Ottawa I got to spend a lot of time in stores with delicious treats. The first shot was taken at Truffle Treasures. Seriously, the items there are real treasures. I didn’t know what to get and settled on a pumpkin spice hot chocolate with milk chocolate melted in. [...]

Christmas Goodies

I had a very enjoyable Christmas season. It was great having so many days off and I was booked solid with friends and family time. Hubster and I spent Christmas weekend at my parents’ place and we had our traditional Christmas Eve night sitting by the fire in the family room reading the Bible of [...]


Hubster really likes snacking on fruits, especially berries. He started buying more produce to eat as snacks to improve our healthy lifestyle but it has come at a price. I calculated our grocery bill last month and it had jumped substantially because of all the fruit we’ve been buying. On the other hand our outside [...]


Berries look really weird up close, strawberries in particular. Isn’t it strange how it’s the only fruit that has its seeds on its exterior? Hubster loves blackberries. They are pretty delicious, and a great source of healthy goodness. I don’t know if there is any such thing as blackberry picking (on farms for fun) but [...]