October 2017
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Eldorado Park [Part 1]

Eldorado Park is a park I went to summer camp at one year. I’m actually surprised that my parents enrolled me since they were so concerned about us playing outside during peak sun hours because of heightened UV rays. Or maybe it was that summer that made them more strict about it because I was [...]

Christian Science Plaza

While in Boston my SIL took us to the Christian Science Plaza, named after the The First Church of Christ, Scientist. THe plaza also includes an awesome fountain (which I didn’t get a good enough shot of to post) and a reflection pool. The second shot is of me missing a remote control boat in [...]

Rancourt Winery

Our second stop on the wine and bike tour was Rancourt Winery, which used to be a peach orchard. It was a family-owned and operated place and a much more intimate experience in comparison to Jackson Triggs. I personally prefer the smaller places since it’s more relaxing and interactive. I especially liked their riesling wine, [...]

Jackson Triggs

I went on a bike and wine tour this past weekend with Zoom Tours for a friend’s birthday. It was a lot of fun and I was surprised as to how much fun riding a bike is. We went to four wineries with our tour guide and then a fifth on our own after we [...]

On The Streets Of Old Montréal

A few shots I took around Old Montréal. I love the architecture there. Reminds me of my trip to Europe, except I do remember that stop signs in Paris said Stop and not Arrêt.