October 2017
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Chicago Wedding

Hubster and I attended his cousin’s wedding in Chicago this past weekend. We drove down with some other family members early in the morning, attended the ceremony and reception, and then headed back home the following morning. It was a packed weekend but quite enjoyable. Well maybe not the ten hour drive, but I always [...]

My First Actual Lunar New Year

I had completely forgotten that I celebrated Lunar New Year with hubster last year until I found this picture today. He made me noodles and dumplings with green tea for dinner. And he also gave me my very first hóng bāo (red envelope). I can’t remember how much money was in it but I was [...]

BCE Place

For our first Valentine’s Day hubster and I came to Toronto and visited the CN Tower. We had both lived in Canada for most of our lives but had never gone to the CN tower so we decided to share that first Canadian moment together. Since then we still haven’t been back to the CN [...]

Valentine’s Heart Brownie

Hubster is the cook in the house. My cooking skills are very minimal and the food I make is borderline edible, but I’m not too bad at baking. I recently discovered an easy brownie recipe that I find absolutely delicious. I made a batch to take to a Lunar New Year party we’re going to [...]

Exploring Waterloo

The city of Waterloo holds a special place in hubster’s and my heart because we both spent our undergraduate years there. We didn’t do too much exploring since we were hardly there during the summer and winter isn’t exactly the best time to aimlessly walk around. One beautifully romantic summer day we decided to go [...]