October 2017
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Parc La Fontaine

Here are some more shots from Parc La Fontaine. Notice the seagull flying into my shot of the fountain. *shakes fist*

Animals In Parc La Fontaine

There is a beautiful park in Montréal called “Parc La Fontaine, or Lafontaine Park in English. It is a great place to talk a long stroll, relax with a book or have a picnic. It seems very popular with dog owners since there is a lot of area for the dogs to run around. I [...]

Niagara on the Lake

Beautiful place to relax. It reminded me a lot of Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls. I think sometime in the future I will stay there in a b&b for a few days to soak in the town.


Burger Bar – Kensington Market

Hubster and I dropped by Kensington Market yesterday to pick up a cute dress for me from Blue Banana. While we were there we also decided to check out a burger joint called Burger Bar. It’s a great little place with delicious burgers and quaint decor. We also had their house beer, Beau’s beer, which [...]

Scrabble Time

Hubster and I have been playing Scrabble a lot lately. I’m not sure how it started but we broke out the game one night and kept playing it for a week every evening. I finally put it away because we like scrabble and I didn’t want us to get sick of it. But it’s been [...]