October 2017
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Milly & Nora

At the end of May hubster and I decided to get a couple of baby rats. We ended up with Milly and Nora, two female baby rats that were about 6 weeks old. We had never seen rats so small and it was an adjustment to make since we were used to handling full sized [...]

RIP Miso

I haven’t posted in a while partially because I’ve been busy moving house and also because Miso passed away recently and I was too sad to make this post. I’m still really sad to make it even now. She passed away peacefully in her sleep from old age, which is really much better than how [...]

Solo Miso II

My worries about Miso being heartbroken after losing her sister Chu seems to have been unwarranted. She had adjusted very well to being on her own and had kept herself occupied frolicking around the house. In the past few weeks though we’ve been noticing her aging at a faster pace. She is more reliant on [...]

Solo Miso I

After Chu passed away I was worried that Miso would be really lonely since rats who lose their only cage mate can take it pretty hard and even die of loneliness. Thankfully this didn’t happen to Miso and she seems to be adjusting really well for the most part. Since she doesn’t chew things and [...]

A New Day

After a day of intense mourning for the passing of my beloved Chu I am feeling much better today. I spent some time with Miso this morning and allowed her to explore the entire house in search for her sister. Since she didn’t get to see Chu’s dead body it is not surprising that she [...]