October 2017
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4×4 Whitehorse Tour

While in Whitehorse we didn’t have access to a vehicle so we decided to go on a tour which would take us around to local sweet spots. Normally we do not ever sign up for tours because we love exploring on our own, but this was totally worth it. We signed up for the Sub-alpine [...]

Ambro Park

One of the three thanksgiving dinners this weekend took place in Brampton. The weather was beautiful and the leaves were stunning with their vibrant shades of yellow, orange and red. I had to get outside and take some shots. These are a few I got at Amrbo Park.


Cheltenham Badlands [Part 3]

Here are some macro shots of my Cheltenham Badlands set.

Cheltenham Badlands [Part 2]

Time for part two! In part one I included pictures of the section right off the road that most people stick two. Now I’ll include some shots from the back-end section for the more adventurous people who trek through the trees. How fun!


Cheltenham Badlands [Part 1]

I had been thinking lately that I would like to start exploring my own country rather than constantly wanting to travel abroad. Canada is a beautiful country and so diverse in its landscape and culture that it would be a shame to not want to experience more of it. So when I saw a shot [...]