October 2017
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New Years Eve 2011

This year I really wasn’t up for going out for a large New Years celebration so we decided to have a small dumpling party at our house with family. Hubster and I both had our sisters over and a cousin to drink, play boardgames, consume dumplings and rin gin the new year. We had a [...]

Lunar New Year Treats

Last week hubster and I celebrated Lunar New Year with his family over dinner. There were many delicious treats to be eaten and I gorged myself in some of my favourites – dumplings and egg tarts. Yum! Hubster’s cousin also got a delicious tiramisu cake, which although not traditional was still welcoming.


My First Actual Lunar New Year

I had completely forgotten that I celebrated Lunar New Year with hubster last year until I found this picture today. He made me noodles and dumplings with green tea for dinner. And he also gave me my very first hóng bāo (red envelope). I can’t remember how much money was in it but I was [...]

My First Lunar New Year Celebration

Celebrating Lunar New Year is one of the many reasons I am glad I am now part of a Taiwanese family. This was my first one celebrating it with hubster and his family. It was a casual affair that was mostly filled with talking and eating. There was lots to eat since everyone brought something. [...]