August 2017
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PS Tutorial – Spotlight Effect

I was really upset when I got the newest edition of photoshop (CS5) because it didn’t have one of my favourite techniques – the spotlight. I finally decided to google if there was a way I could get it back and found out that the lighting effects function could not run on 64 bits so [...]

PS Tutorial – Sepia/B&W Toned Layer

I’ve read through many photoshop tutorials to get ideas on what effects I can achieve with photoshop. Some techniques are tricky and require a lot of tinkering before adjusting a photo just right. I personally like simple techniques for everyday pictures. Here is one that I made up myself and I use quite often. I’m [...]

Photography Tips

I just read a list of photography tips on ANRB Photography that were really helpful. I started taking photography seriously only in the past year so I still have a lot to learn. I especially liked the tip about travelling – look through Flickr and see what shots other people have taken at the place [...]


I just learned how to use the spotlight technique in photoshop. It’s so useful! I’m thinking about re-editing some pictures now. Here is a comparison. The first picture is the original and the second I put a spotlight on the window. I like the original but I find that the spotlight helps emphasize the focus [...]