October 2017
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High Park Zoo

While in High Park I checked out their “zoo” which has pens with various animals in them. Some of the animals hadn’t been brought out yet since they’re from warmer climates and it was still too chilly for them to be outside. I found this buffalo especially cute because it was hiding behind the building. [...]

Cat Party

I love, love, love cats. The unfortunate thing is I am extremely allergic to them as is hubster, so we simply cannot have a cat as a pet. Over the past few months my desire to play with a cat has been steadily increasing and I would even try to befriend people with cats in [...]

Chu Pre-Surgery

So other than Chu’s recent surgery, I thought I would post some pre-surgery pics that I took recently of her. Look what a cutie pie she is!

Lazing Rattus

I’ve been having a lot of fun with my ratties this weekend. The weather has been sticky and humid but hasn’t rained much despite the forecast for thundershowers – not a great day for asthmatics. It’s a little hard to breath outside so I’ve spent most of the day inside cleaning and playing with my [...]


This is hubster’s rabbit, Mori. Mori is the Japanese word for forest. She’s a cutie pie, but she’s can also be annoyingly destructive. I call her Mori-kun (kun is a Japanese term you put at the end of a guy’s name) because earlier we thought Mori was a boy. Later on her nipples were more [...]