November 2017
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Pi Day Pie Fest II

We had our annual Pi Party yesterday, which was delayed due to us having to move during Pi Day weekend. The pies were amazing and the company equally so. This year I baked my own pie (pumpkin) which came out really well. I will definitely be making the pumpkin pies for thanksgiving from now on [...]

Pi Day Pie Fest

In celebration of Pi Day (March 14), hubster and I threw our first Pi Day Pie Fest. Everyone brought a pie so we had plenty of food to go around. For lunch we had pizza pies, chicken pot pie, macaroni pie, meat pie, and a quiche. For dessert there was apple pie, pumpkin pie, blueberry [...]

Konami 4Ever

Hubster just wrapped up his current job and is moving on to another venture of his life next week. His co-workers took him out for lunch and drinks on his last day. They even got him a cake with this slab of chocolate on it. I think I’m one of the only non tech-savy people [...]

Sega Building

The Sega Building in Fukuoka is a multi-level arcade that houses various types of gamer gaming devices, merchandise and paraphernalia. We passed by quite a few games with odd winnings, like garbage bins and candy. We ended up playing mario kart for four persons and then taking purikura pictures. So fun! The third picture shows [...]


One of the things Hubster HAD to see (to satisfy his geekish tendencies) was to check out robosquare. It is a showcase room filled with different robots that performed different tasks. The majority of them were simply for entertainment (and didn’t do much at all aside from existing). They also had a showcase of iRobot [...]