October 2017
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James P. Kelleher Rose Garden

While in Boston my SIL took us to the James P. Kelleher Rose Garden. It was really beautiful with so many roses in bloom, plus it smelled great. It was mid day so the sun was really bright making it less than ideal for photo taking, but I managed to get a few that weren’t [...]

Edward Gardens

A few weeks ago I went to Edward Gardens for the Bonsai Show. After the show we walked around the garden, which is free by the way, and I took some shots of the flowers that were in bloom. It’s a great place to enjoy on a warm summer day, especially if you want to [...]

B&W Shots Around Toronto

Here are a few black and white shots that I’ve taken around Toronto. I love b&w shots. Sometimes a picture just doesn’t look right in colour and when it’s converted to b&w…wow! It’s amazing how much better they can look. Some pics are just meant to be b&w.

1. By St. Lawrence Market 2. AGO [...]

Marie Antoinette’s Estate – The Grounds

There isn’t much to say about the grounds at Marie Antoinette’s Estate. It was a nice, peaceful place to take a walk around. It did remind me of the Hollywood movie in the scenes where she is at her estate with her daughter.


Château de Versailles Garden

The grounds at the Château de Versailles are fabulous! The garden is huge and there is so much to see. There are many benches and nooks to linger in. I’m looking forward to returning there one day and enjoying the garden once again.