October 2017
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The Efficiency of TTC Streetcars

Anyone who lives in Toronto and has to take streetcars knows how infuriating it is to wait for a streetcar that seems to never come and just as you see it in the far distance you notice that is followed by one or more streetcars behind it. USELESS!

These shots were taken in Chinatown [...]

Toronto Firehouse No.8

I’ve noticed that Toronto has a lot of firehouses and stations. Well mostly stations because I’m pretty sure this is the first time I saw a firehouse. I’m not sure what the difference is since I always thought it was the same thing. This firehouse is next to the Fire Station 315. Maybe this one [...]

Taste of Little Italy 2010

Hubster and I attended the Taste of Little Italy, which is a weekend event where a section of Little Italy in Toronto is made into a pedestrian-only area and vendors on the street sell their food at a reduced price. There are also other events there to celebrate Italian culture including music, artwork and jewelry. [...]


I took this shot a few weeks ago when my sister came up to visit me and we were in Chinatown running some errands. Hubster and I always go to this restaurant because they have awesome sweet and sour chicken. While he was inside picking up some food for dinner I took this shot of [...]

Ramsden Park

While walking along Yonge St. in my adventure to the Summerhill Station, I came across a lovely park and neighbourhood that I didn’t know about. It was right across from the Rosedale TTC station and bordered many old, quaint houses. Hubster had bought some fish and had to hurry back home so I explored the [...]