October 2017
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Christmas Goodies

I had a very enjoyable Christmas season. It was great having so many days off and I was booked solid with friends and family time. Hubster and I spent Christmas weekend at my parents’ place and we had our traditional Christmas Eve night sitting by the fire in the family room reading the Bible of [...]

Canadian Thanksgiving 2010

Last year I spent Thanksgiving with my sister and good friend in Fukuoka, Japan. We had delicious Indian curry and naan that night. It was such a memorable night. This year since my sister is back in Canada, Thanksgiving was extra special. She was waiting to have our traditional Thanksgiving dinner with cornish hens. We’re [...]

Home Cooked Japanese Food

One night hubster decided he wanted to cook a Japanese meal, so he made soba noodles, vegetable tempura, and a Japanese mushroom whose name I cannot remember right now. It was absolutely delicious. We also had some refreshing cold tea and beer. A perfect summer meal.


Hen Over Turkey

My family has never been a fan of turkey dinners. I think we tried it once soon after we immigrated to Canada and haven’t had it since. Turkeys are too big and too bland. In fact I don’t find them appetizing at all. So instead of a turkey dinner we have Cornish hens. They are [...]

My First Lunar New Year Celebration

Celebrating Lunar New Year is one of the many reasons I am glad I am now part of a Taiwanese family. This was my first one celebrating it with hubster and his family. It was a casual affair that was mostly filled with talking and eating. There was lots to eat since everyone brought something. [...]