October 2017
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Home Made Christmas Food

This Christmas, like many before, was filled with lots of delicious foods. I was treated to many delicious items from savoury to dessert. Here are some highlights of what I got to eat. The first is a meal I had with my in-laws. My husband made all the savoury dishes, a Beef Wellington, asparagus wrapped [...]

Christmas Goodies

I had a very enjoyable Christmas season. It was great having so many days off and I was booked solid with friends and family time. Hubster and I spent Christmas weekend at my parents’ place and we had our traditional Christmas Eve night sitting by the fire in the family room reading the Bible of [...]

Bake Sale Fundraiser

My workplace is participating in a fundraiser to raise money for the Daily Bread Food Bank, which is a non-profit Toronto charity that attempts to address poverty and hunger in our community. I was excited to participate since this year I had decided that I would give money to charities instead of giving presents for [...]

Holt Renfrew Christmas Window Display 2009

Most major stores decorate their window displays for Christmas time. This is not unusual and somewhat expected, but I’ve never seen anything as bizarre as the display in Holt Renfrew this past Christmas. They usually have strange and eye catching displays so I shouldn’t have been surprised that they would have something special lined up [...]

Christmas Hot Pot

We went to hubster’s parent’s place for Christmas Eve dinner. We had hot pot! This is my third time having hot pot with his family. They really love it, and I can understand why. I love how communal it is. We all sit around a pot where the food is cooked in front of us [...]