October 2017
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Congee Wong

I recently went out with hubster’s family for congee for the first time. One of their favourite restaurants to go to as a family is Congee Wong, which up until this time hubster’s dad thought it was called Congee Queen. I didn’t have the desire to try out congee before because in my parent’s culture [...]

Lunar New Year Treats

Last week hubster and I celebrated Lunar New Year with his family over dinner. There were many delicious treats to be eaten and I gorged myself in some of my favourites – dumplings and egg tarts. Yum! Hubster’s cousin also got a delicious tiramisu cake, which although not traditional was still welcoming.


Birthday Cake

Sorry for the lack of postings. I switched internet providers and had an unfortunate week without internet at home. I am now back (yay!) with a pile of pictures I want to get up. Moving along…

I’ve been eating a lot of cake lately, either because of birthdays or an uncontrolled addiction to sugary sweetness. [...]


I took this shot a few weeks ago when my sister came up to visit me and we were in Chinatown running some errands. Hubster and I always go to this restaurant because they have awesome sweet and sour chicken. While he was inside picking up some food for dinner I took this shot of [...]

My First Actual Lunar New Year

I had completely forgotten that I celebrated Lunar New Year with hubster last year until I found this picture today. He made me noodles and dumplings with green tea for dinner. And he also gave me my very first hóng bāo (red envelope). I can’t remember how much money was in it but I was [...]