October 2017
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Granary Cemetery

While in Boston last summer we stopped by Granary Cemetery which has the oldest graves I’ve ever seen in my life. A lot of tombstones were actually really creepy with skills or hollow faces on them. The stones were really thin too, which I found surprising. The ambiance created by the trees, dampled shade and [...]

Canadian Thanksgiving 2010

Last year I spent Thanksgiving with my sister and good friend in Fukuoka, Japan. We had delicious Indian curry and naan that night. It was such a memorable night. This year since my sister is back in Canada, Thanksgiving was extra special. She was waiting to have our traditional Thanksgiving dinner with cornish hens. We’re [...]

Christian Science Plaza

While in Boston my SIL took us to the Christian Science Plaza, named after the The First Church of Christ, Scientist. THe plaza also includes an awesome fountain (which I didn’t get a good enough shot of to post) and a reflection pool. The second shot is of me missing a remote control boat in [...]

First Time Golfer

Last week I went golfing for the first time with my co-workers on a workplace outing. We were all put on teams of four people with whom we don’t work directly with in order for us to get to know other employees, find out what they do, and to have a good time. It was [...]

On The Streets Of Old Montréal

A few shots I took around Old Montréal. I love the architecture there. Reminds me of my trip to Europe, except I do remember that stop signs in Paris said Stop and not Arrêt.