October 2017
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While in Montréal we wanted to drink some local beer, so a friend recommended Brutopia since they brew their own beer. Well not only did they have deliciously refreshing beer they also had great food. I got a guacamole burger and fries, which were amazing! Hubster got a sandwich, which I can’t remember the name [...]

Montréal Poutine

How can one go to Montréal and NOT eat poutine? One word describes it: fabulous! Well maybe a second: enormous! The portion was HUGE and we almost regretted not just sharing one between the two of us. Since nobody else was doing that though, despite the fact that they couldn’t finish a “regular” serving either, [...]

Guu Izakaya

I went to Guu Izakaya with the JLC (Japan Lovers Crew) last night. They had gone before but it was my first time there. I only went to one izakaya place on my trip to Japan but boy did this bring back memories. As soon as you walk in you are greeted by every employee [...]

Mill St. Brewery

Hubster and I went to the Mill St. Brewery in the Distillery District recently for me to eat some pub food end enjoy a delicious Mill St. beer. I normally buy the organic version but since none of the LCBOs near us stock their Wit beer, I had a pint while I was there. Delicious! [...]

Home Cooked Japanese Food

One night hubster decided he wanted to cook a Japanese meal, so he made soba noodles, vegetable tempura, and a Japanese mushroom whose name I cannot remember right now. It was absolutely delicious. We also had some refreshing cold tea and beer. A perfect summer meal.