October 2017
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Bird’s Eye View

Here are a couple of shots I took from the plane on our way back to Toronto from Montréal. The clouds looked especially spectacular and even though this doesn’t really do the real view justice, I think they came out half decently.


On The Streets Of Old Montréal

A few shots I took around Old Montréal. I love the architecture there. Reminds me of my trip to Europe, except I do remember that stop signs in Paris said Stop and not Arrêt.


Sparrows in Montréal

I really love sparrows. They are such cute common birds and yet not as obnoxious as seagulls or stupid looking like pigeons. I think I also like them because they remind me of God’s provision because of the saying by Jesus on how we should trust in God to fulfill our needs just like the [...]


While in Montréal we wanted to drink some local beer, so a friend recommended Brutopia since they brew their own beer. Well not only did they have deliciously refreshing beer they also had great food. I got a guacamole burger and fries, which were amazing! Hubster got a sandwich, which I can’t remember the name [...]

Montréal Poutine

How can one go to Montréal and NOT eat poutine? One word describes it: fabulous! Well maybe a second: enormous! The portion was HUGE and we almost regretted not just sharing one between the two of us. Since nobody else was doing that though, despite the fact that they couldn’t finish a “regular” serving either, [...]