October 2017
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Milly & Nora

At the end of May hubster and I decided to get a couple of baby rats. We ended up with Milly and Nora, two female baby rats that were about 6 weeks old. We had never seen rats so small and it was an adjustment to make since we were used to handling full sized [...]

High Park Zoo

While in High Park I checked out their “zoo” which has pens with various animals in them. Some of the animals hadn’t been brought out yet since they’re from warmer climates and it was still too chilly for them to be outside. I found this buffalo especially cute because it was hiding behind the building. [...]

Exploring High Park

While attending Hanami in High Park I also took pictures around the park itself. It’s so serene and it’s almost hard to believe that such a place exists so close to downtown Toronto. It also helps to have a camera with enough zoom so you can get some nice animals shots while respecting their space. [...]

Cat Party

I love, love, love cats. The unfortunate thing is I am extremely allergic to them as is hubster, so we simply cannot have a cat as a pet. Over the past few months my desire to play with a cat has been steadily increasing and I would even try to befriend people with cats in [...]

RIP Miso

I haven’t posted in a while partially because I’ve been busy moving house and also because Miso passed away recently and I was too sad to make this post. I’m still really sad to make it even now. She passed away peacefully in her sleep from old age, which is really much better than how [...]