October 2011
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Inuvik Tourism Centre Artifacts

One of the first recommended spots to check out when arriving in Inuvik is their tourism centre. Not only do they provide you with a list of things to do/see in the town but they also have a large selection of artifacts to look at and books/videos to read/watch. Here are some of the things [...]

Flight To Inuvik

One of the things we really wanted to do on our trip to Yukon & the Northwest Territories (NWT) was to drive the Dempster Highway. Since we didn’t have a car of our own we had to rent one and since Dawson City doesn’t have a car rental agency we decided to start at the [...]

4×4 Whitehorse Tour

While in Whitehorse we didn’t have access to a vehicle so we decided to go on a tour which would take us around to local sweet spots. Normally we do not ever sign up for tours because we love exploring on our own, but this was totally worth it. We signed up for the Sub-alpine [...]

Whitehorse In The Morning

The day after we arrived in Whitehorse we woke up bright and early because we hadn’t adjusted to the time difference yet. We decided to walk around and explore the city while there was minimal activity on the streets. I managed to take a few shots of things I found interesting. The architecture and urban [...]

Dog Sign

This was a sign that was hung on a street lamppost. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be a tribute to dogs or indicating that there is a dog park close by or what, but it looked pretty cool in front of a big hill.