July 2011
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Cream Cheese Marble Brownie

I made some delicious marble brownies yesterday which are a combination of chocolate brownie batter and cream cheese batter. I got the recipe off the Martha Stewart website, which calls the recipe Swirl Brownies. I ended up using yellow sugar instead of regular sugar since I didn’t realize I had run out until I started [...]

Milly & Nora

At the end of May hubster and I decided to get a couple of baby rats. We ended up with Milly and Nora, two female baby rats that were about 6 weeks old. We had never seen rats so small and it was an adjustment to make since we were used to handling full sized [...]

Jays Game

I’ve been pretty social this week going out every night after work to hang out with various people. Last night I attended the Blue Jays – Yankees game with some co-workers as a work social event. It was a lot of fun especially since my beloved Jays slaughtered my long-time hated team the Yankees 16-7. [...]

Michigan Sunset

A few weekends ago I went on a roadtrip to Michigan and we got to see one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. My pictures really do not do it justice but I’m really glad it came out as well as they did since 1) I took it while we were driving, and [...]