April 2011
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Good Friday Gunjee

Hubster and I made the trek back to B-town a couple of days ago to spend Good Friday with my family. We ate our typical Good Friday meal, gunjee, which is boiled rice in water with yogurt, chutney and/or pickle. It is a typical meal that we eat for funerals so it is fitting that [...]


Last weekend hubster and I had my coworkers over for a housewarming party. We’ve never had so many people in our place at once and surprisingly we all fit. One coworker also has her birthday this week so we decided to bake her a cake. Initially I was going to make it but since I [...]

Cleaning Robbie

Today hubster and I did something that we should be doing more often – cleaning our roomba, Robbie. He’s a funny little guy that no longer docks when he’s done and sometimes attempts to commit suicide. He hasn’t been running for very long and after reading up on roomba care from the iRobot website we [...]

Ginger Ale + Beer

One of my favourite and easy to make mixed drinks is a ginger ale and beer. I’m not sure if it has an official name, and I don’t want to call it ginger beer since that’s a different drink. So I guess I’ll call it a GAAB? Let’s just say it’s a working title. Anyway, [...]

Pi Day Pie Fest II

We had our annual Pi Party yesterday, which was delayed due to us having to move during Pi Day weekend. The pies were amazing and the company equally so. This year I baked my own pie (pumpkin) which came out really well. I will definitely be making the pumpkin pies for thanksgiving from now on [...]