December 2010
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Highlights of 2010

I thought it would be a great way to end the year by creating a list of highlights of the past year. I participated in a lot of “firsts” this year. Thanks to God for my abundance of blessings.

January SIL had a milestone birthday Got a pro flickr account Went to the Boys II [...]

Rubber Duckies

I took these shots a while ago in the summer when we were walking along Lake Ontario. I found it cute how these ducks were just chilling on a floating tire watching other ducks swim by. It reminded me of an elderly couple that lived on my street when I was growing up. They would [...]

Bake Sale Fundraiser

My workplace is participating in a fundraiser to raise money for the Daily Bread Food Bank, which is a non-profit Toronto charity that attempts to address poverty and hunger in our community. I was excited to participate since this year I had decided that I would give money to charities instead of giving presents for [...]

Solo Miso I

After Chu passed away I was worried that Miso would be really lonely since rats who lose their only cage mate can take it pretty hard and even die of loneliness. Thankfully this didn’t happen to Miso and she seems to be adjusting really well for the most part. Since she doesn’t chew things and [...]

Toronto Library

In the past year I keep meeting people who love to read and frequent the public library often. I’ve never been much of a reader (as in a reader of novels as opposed to newspapers or academic literature), and I really only see the library as a place to rent DVDs or to participate in [...]