November 2010
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Cheesecake Factory

I had heard a lot about The Cheesecake Factory for a couple of years now and since they don’t have locations in Canada I was excited to check it out when I went to Boston this summer. Let me just say, their food is delicious. I had the pizza in the picture below and it [...]

A New Day

After a day of intense mourning for the passing of my beloved Chu I am feeling much better today. I spent some time with Miso this morning and allowed her to explore the entire house in search for her sister. Since she didn’t get to see Chu’s dead body it is not surprising that she [...]

Goodbye Chu

I had to put down my rat, Chu today. She had surgery a few months ago for a mammary tumor and ended up getting spayed as well because she had a tumor in her uterus. Up until a week ago she was fine but started to bleed again and plump up to double her size. [...]

Photoblog Concept

I know I haven’t been blogging lately. I haven’t been in the mood because I’m usually too tired and busy. I’ve also been wanting to update the website. Hubster is going to design a new layout for me, which I’m really excited about. I tried to figure out what I wanted it to look by [...]

MaRS Pumpking Carving Contest 2010

I had the opportunity to photography this year’s Pumpkin Carving Contest at MaRS last week. Tenants in the MaRS building are invited to compete against each other by trying to carve the best pumpkin. Let me tell you, people brought their game! There were so many awesome pumpkins carved with great ideas and excellent skills. [...]