September 2010
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MaRS’ 5th Birthday

This week I had the opportunity to attend the 5th birthday party of MaRS Discovery District. It was a fairly small gathering considering the impact MaRS has. But because it was low-key I was able to take pictures more easily. More shots can be found on my Flickr page.

You can read their news release [...]

Kariya Park – Winter 2008

I came across this picture that I had taken way back in 2008 while scouting out locations for an engagement shoot. Wedding planning *shudder*. I’m glad that time of my life is over and done. But anyway, Kariya Park is a park in Mississauga, Ontario. It is a public Japanese park to honour the sister [...]

Taiwanfest Fruit Carving [Part 2]

Here are some other fruit/melon carvings that were on display at the cooking show at Taiwanfest 2010. These ones were precarved before the show. The last one of the creepy old man running with his cane was actually shipped from Taiwan because it is apparently very skilled work. The sous-chef, who carved the melon in [...]

View of Downtown

Yonge St. looks pretty good when you drive more north and look southward. I took this shot from the bridge by the St. Clair subway station.

Taiwanfest Fruit Carving [Part 1]

While at Taiwanfest we attended a cooking show that included a fruit carving portion. The sous-chef demonstrated the popular food art of carving fruits, melons and gords into pictures by carving a rose into a watermelon. He did quite a good job. He was also super shy and soft spoken, making the experience even more [...]