July 2010
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Montréal Poutine

How can one go to Montréal and NOT eat poutine? One word describes it: fabulous! Well maybe a second: enormous! The portion was HUGE and we almost regretted not just sharing one between the two of us. Since nobody else was doing that though, despite the fact that they couldn’t finish a “regular” serving either, [...]

Broadway Cheesecake Co.

While wandering around Montréal, hubster and I came across a cheesecake shop called Broadway Cheesecake Co.. I had to almost beg hubster to go since he doesn’t like cheesecake. I finally convinced him that we should check it out and boy was I glad we did! This place is so amazing. There are so many [...]

Parc La Fontaine

Here are some more shots from Parc La Fontaine. Notice the seagull flying into my shot of the fountain. *shakes fist*

Animals In Parc La Fontaine

There is a beautiful park in Montréal called “Parc La Fontaine, or Lafontaine Park in English. It is a great place to talk a long stroll, relax with a book or have a picnic. It seems very popular with dog owners since there is a lot of area for the dogs to run around. I [...]

The Quays of the Old Port of Montréal

On the first day we arrived in Montréal it began to pour down during the afternoon leaving us from early evening on to go out and to some exploring. We went down to the Old Port of Montréal to see if it was as nice as Harbourfront in Toronto. It definitely was and in some [...]