June 2010
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Toronto Firehouse No.8

I’ve noticed that Toronto has a lot of firehouses and stations. Well mostly stations because I’m pretty sure this is the first time I saw a firehouse. I’m not sure what the difference is since I always thought it was the same thing. This firehouse is next to the Fire Station 315. Maybe this one [...]

Taste of Little Italy 2010

Hubster and I attended the Taste of Little Italy, which is a weekend event where a section of Little Italy in Toronto is made into a pedestrian-only area and vendors on the street sell their food at a reduced price. There are also other events there to celebrate Italian culture including music, artwork and jewelry. [...]

Union Station

I can’t remember when exactly I took this, but it was probably in April or May. Check out the reflection on Union Station from the glass building across the street.

Sunset Inspiration

I just read this post by Jeff Lynch who stated these great words:

“Folks, life is just too short to sit inside and watch TV every evening. Grab your camera, find a nice spot and wait for the magic to begin. Every sunset is a moment to be treasured!”

Wow! This made me realize [...]

Edward Gardens

A few weeks ago I went to Edward Gardens for the Bonsai Show. After the show we walked around the garden, which is free by the way, and I took some shots of the flowers that were in bloom. It’s a great place to enjoy on a warm summer day, especially if you want to [...]