May 2010
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Flo’s Diner In Yorkville

My sister is back from Japan! Yay! She came to visit us and we went to Flo’s Diner in Yorkville for some breakfast. I’m still on the hunt for excellent French Toast because theirs was mediocre. But everything else was great. Even their glass of juice is a good portion for the price. I hate [...]

Toronto Bonsai Show 2010

Today is Victoria’s Day in Canada. Happy May-24, Canadians! This was a lovely, warm long weekend and I spent today going to the Toronto Botanical Garden where the Bonsai Show was being held. The Toronto Bonsai Society put on a show displaying a large variety of bonsai trees as well as offering a sale of [...]

B&W Shots Around Toronto

Here are a few black and white shots that I’ve taken around Toronto. I love b&w shots. Sometimes a picture just doesn’t look right in colour and when it’s converted to b&w…wow! It’s amazing how much better they can look. Some pics are just meant to be b&w.

1. By St. Lawrence Market 2. AGO [...]

Mill St. Brewery

Hubster and I went to the Mill St. Brewery in the Distillery District recently for me to eat some pub food end enjoy a delicious Mill St. beer. I normally buy the organic version but since none of the LCBOs near us stock their Wit beer, I had a pint while I was there. Delicious! [...]

Backyard Deck

This weekend my mom finally started to get a backyard deck. It’s something she’s been wanting for quite some time and even though it was only partly built right now, she’s already planning out the BBQs she’s going to have this summer. I don’t blame her; it’s already so enjoyable. I don’t know what it [...]