April 2010
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Music Garden

The music park is just west of Harbourfront (I’m not sure if it is part of Harbourfront) along the lake. It’s a nice spot to walk through some beautiful gardens and relax on the numerous benches along the way. There wasn’t anything particularly musical about so I’m not sure why it’s called the Music Garden. [...]

Little Norway Park

I had no idea Toronto had a section dedicated to Norway. It had a lot of tulips planted there, which is understandable. I took these shots close to the park. I’m not sure if was actually Little Norway Park since I didn’t see an official sign until further East of this location, but according to [...]

Coronation Park

I attended The Green Living Show at the Direct Energy Centre yesterday with Hubster. It was very informative and there were various booths selling “green” products. We picked up a few things and learned about eco-friendly products and services we didn’t know about. We left the show after an hour because I was feeling cranky [...]

Photography Tips

I just read a list of photography tips on ANRB Photography that were really helpful. I started taking photography seriously only in the past year so I still have a lot to learn. I especially liked the tip about travelling – look through Flickr and see what shots other people have taken at the place [...]

Happy Earth Day

In case you didn’t know, today is Earth Day. Take this opportunity to rekindle your relationship with our planet and use everyday to do your part in preserving our world. This shot was taken outside a restaurant on Bay St. I can’t remember where exactly, but it was somewhere between King and Queen.