March 2010
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Chicago Wedding

Hubster and I attended his cousin’s wedding in Chicago this past weekend. We drove down with some other family members early in the morning, attended the ceremony and reception, and then headed back home the following morning. It was a packed weekend but quite enjoyable. Well maybe not the ten hour drive, but I always [...]

Neuschwanstein Castle

I spent only a few days in Münich, Germany, but I was lucky enough to see the Neuschwanstein Castle. Sleeping Beauty’s (Disney) castle is based off of the architecture of this castle. The castle is not fully completed on the interior since the person who built the castle ran out of money. He was obsessed [...]

Green Beer on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day was this past Wednesday and I celebrated by going to a pub with some friends. I was the only one who got a green beer and once it arrived the others decided we had to share a pitcher of it after we finished our first round. When my first drink arrived you [...]

Notre Dame & St. Chapelle

Two must see places in Paris are Notre Dame and St. Chapelle. I think more people are familiar with Notre Dame, but in my opinion, St. Chapelle is more worthwhile. It is absolutely beautiful with such huge stained glass windows. I took pictures of them but they did not come out well enough, so here [...]

Marie Antoinette’s Estate – The Grounds

There isn’t much to say about the grounds at Marie Antoinette’s Estate. It was a nice, peaceful place to take a walk around. It did remind me of the Hollywood movie in the scenes where she is at her estate with her daughter.