February 2010
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Waiting Around in Niagara

Taken in Niagara Falls at the end of summer last year by hubster.

Check out more Niagara pics on my Flickr page in my Ontario set.

Rattus Update

For those who care about my pets, they are all doing well. The rats have become more tame these days, allowing me to cuddle them for longer periods of time. Note that longer periods of time means a few extra seconds. I read that female rats are always on the go for the majority of [...]

Froggy Bag

I’ve been pretty busy lately and haven’t had the time or opportunity to take pictures. It’s been too cold and wet to go out lately. I can’t wait until Spring starts to come so I can walk more outside and capture moments. One of the downsides of having asthma is that I can’t spend too [...]

Canadian Pride

I’ve noticed that there has been a lot of patriotism lately for Canada due to the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. People keep asking me if I’ve been watching any sporting events to which I answer, “No, I don’t have cable.” Apparently that’s not a good enough reason to not watch. Even my mother insisted that I [...]

My First Actual Lunar New Year

I had completely forgotten that I celebrated Lunar New Year with hubster last year until I found this picture today. He made me noodles and dumplings with green tea for dinner. And he also gave me my very first hóng bāo (red envelope). I can’t remember how much money was in it but I was [...]