January 2010
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Begging Rattus

The rats love to guilt us into letting them out of their cage. Sometimes they misbehave so we put them back for a while but they guilt us with their pity looks. It reminds me of Oliver Twist and his classic line, “please sir, may I have some more?” A lot of people are disgusted [...]

New Setup

I’m trying out a new layout for my pictures. I changed the format for a few previous posts as well to see if I prefer this setup to the one I had previously. So far I’m really liking it. I think it will also look better on smaller monitors.

A Stroll Down College Street

I took these shots while walking Eastward on College St. towards College Park around the Discovery District. I took these when the weather was still quite mild. The coldness has picked up this week and I’m disappointed that it was too cold to take shots outside.


Photo Printing In Toronto

I’m trying to find a place to print my wedding pictures. I was initially going to go to a Black’s Photography but a photographer suggested that we get our prints from a photo lab since their quality will be great and they might cost less. I’m still deciding where to go but it’s hard since [...]

Boys II Men Concert

I attended a Boys to Men concert last night at the The Rose Theatre in Brampton. As you can imagine it was amazing. It’s so refreshing attending a concert that is sung live and sung well! How sad is it that this is now the exception? We had great seats too – right above the [...]