November 2009
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BBQ Gerbera

The evening before my wedding my parents hosted a family barbecue for my side of the family. My mom picked up some gerberas for centerpieces, which is typical of my mom since she loved dasly-like flowers. This is one of the plants she bought. I took this shot for her.


Christmas Decor At The Eaton’s Centre

We stopped by the Eaton’s Centre this weekend to do a little shopping. While we were there I snagged some shots of the Christmas decorations they had put up. Hubster tried to tempt me to go and sit on Santa’s lap since I was taking so many pictures. It was tempting since there was such [...]

Two Peas In A Pod

What I like about the rats is that they remind me of my sister and myself. Chu is like my sister: adventurous, laid back, and free-spirited, while Miso is like myself: cautious, easily scared, and an over thinker. Their relationship together is similar to ours as well. When we get along we really enjoy each [...]

Lest We Forget

Walking around the Queen’s Park area after Remembrance Day will encompass the vibrant colours of autumn as well as poppies. For all the shortcomings Remembrance Day has, which certainly pisses me off, I also appreciate it. I believe it is important to stop and think about the privileges I have today because of the sacrifices [...]

University of Toronto In Autumn

The University of Toronto St. George campus is beautiful during the fall. The buildings are a combination of modern glass and metal while the old buildings have old brick and ivy. A beautiful contrast, especially with hues of burnt red and killer yellow leaves on trees. There were also many creepy looking bare trees. It [...]