October 2009
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One of the things Hubster HAD to see (to satisfy his geekish tendencies) was to check out robosquare. It is a showcase room filled with different robots that performed different tasks. The majority of them were simply for entertainment (and didn’t do much at all aside from existing). They also had a showcase of iRobot [...]

Fukuoka Tower

On our first day in Fukuoka we met up with my sister and headed off to Fukuoka Tower. It is right by the beach so the view wasn’t too shabby. The last time Hubster was in Japan he went to a few towers and didn’t think it was worth spending the time and money to [...]

Okonomiyaki Hiroshima Style

Hiroshima has a less popular style of okonomiyaki than Ōsaka. The Ōsaka style mixes all the ingredients together and then cooks them, similar to an omelet. The Hiroshima style layers the ingredients so it’s more like a pizza. It is a lot more filling than the Ōsaka style okonomiyaki since they also add one serving [...]


While in Hiroshima we met up with my friend and took a day trip to Miyajima. Miyajima, the popular name of Itsukushima, is an island famous for the Floating Shrine. The island has many wild deer roaming around and they’re not afraid of humans so you have to watch your papers and food (and sometimes [...]


If you are in Hiroshima you have to go to Shukkeien, also known as the Shrunken Garden. It is a fairly smaller sized garden (in comparison to the other ones we’ve been to) but it seems a lot bigger than it really is because it has so many paths around the same area each giving [...]