October 2017
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I just found a weblog that I had to share. It’s called Sushipalooza and the author has set out on a quest to go to a sushi restaurant every day and post reviews. Crazy fun, unless you eat some sketchy sushi that makes you sick. Then it’s not so fun. It’s a Toronto blog (yay!) [...]

Sunset Inspiration

I just read this post by Jeff Lynch who stated these great words:

“Folks, life is just too short to sit inside and watch TV every evening. Grab your camera, find a nice spot and wait for the magic to begin. Every sunset is a moment to be treasured!”

Wow! This made me realize [...]

PS Tutorial – Sepia/B&W Toned Layer

I’ve read through many photoshop tutorials to get ideas on what effects I can achieve with photoshop. Some techniques are tricky and require a lot of tinkering before adjusting a photo just right. I personally like simple techniques for everyday pictures. Here is one that I made up myself and I use quite often. I’m [...]

Photography Tips

I just read a list of photography tips on ANRB Photography that were really helpful. I started taking photography seriously only in the past year so I still have a lot to learn. I especially liked the tip about travelling – look through Flickr and see what shots other people have taken at the place [...]

The Photographic, Video & Digital Imaging Show

For those of you in Toronto and the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) who are interested in photography, there is a weekend photography show going on from May 14 to 16 at the International Centre in Mississauga, Ontario. It is being put on by Henry’s and with your admission you can attend unlimited free tutorials and [...]