November 2017
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How to Create Images With Rounded Edges

I recently saw lots of cute pictures in pinterest with rounded edges. Although I’ve known this has existed I never had the desire to learn how to adjust pictures to have this. All these beautifully edited pictures enticed me and a quick search on google resulted in me discovering this quick tutorial on how to [...]

Ladies Learning Code: Intro To Photoshop Course

I attended a photoshop workshop yesterday that was run by a not-for-profit Toronto based group run by four women who provide affordable workshops to encourage women to learn more technical skills including learning programming languages and introduction to programs such as photoshop. This was my first workshop through them, which was just over $50 with [...]

Camping 2010

Hubster and I have been doing a lot of travelling lately. We went to Boston last weekend (pics to come) and just got back from camping this weekend. It was a lot of fun but unfortunately I didn’t recharge my batters and was only able to get a handful of shots this weekend. It was [...]

Toronto Photoblog: I Am Dong

I just found another Toronto photoblog via Flickr called I Am Dong. I am always excited and fascinated to see what my fellow Torontonian photographers are doing. I still have so much to learn.

PS Tutorial – Spotlight Effect

I was really upset when I got the newest edition of photoshop (CS5) because it didn’t have one of my favourite techniques – the spotlight. I finally decided to google if there was a way I could get it back and found out that the lighting effects function could not run on 64 bits so [...]