November 2017
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Chocolate Fountain

I attended a party recently that had a chocolate fountain as part of the celebration. It was awesome! And the liquid chocolate was made from Lindt hazelnut chocolates. Yummy! There were lots of treats to dip in and munch on but because I couldn’t eat most of them due to allergies I stuck to the [...]

Cat Party

I love, love, love cats. The unfortunate thing is I am extremely allergic to them as is hubster, so we simply cannot have a cat as a pet. Over the past few months my desire to play with a cat has been steadily increasing and I would even try to befriend people with cats in [...]

Lunar New Year Treats

Last week hubster and I celebrated Lunar New Year with his family over dinner. There were many delicious treats to be eaten and I gorged myself in some of my favourites – dumplings and egg tarts. Yum! Hubster’s cousin also got a delicious tiramisu cake, which although not traditional was still welcoming.


Work Farewell

It’s always tough to say farewell to a co-worker, especially one you get along with. Lately there have been a number of farewells at work but we always try to send them off with style (read: eating cake!). This took place while I was on my no-baked-goods diet so I didn’t eat the cake, but [...]

Birthday Cake

Sorry for the lack of postings. I switched internet providers and had an unfortunate week without internet at home. I am now back (yay!) with a pile of pictures I want to get up. Moving along…

I’ve been eating a lot of cake lately, either because of birthdays or an uncontrolled addiction to sugary sweetness. [...]