October 2017
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Zelda Heart Container Red Velvet Cake

A bunch of friends decided to have a Valentine’s Day potluck this weekend and I thought it was a perfect opportunity to use my heart shaped cake pan. I decided to try my hand at a red velvet cake, which would be a first for me. I used the recipe listed below, which was incredibly [...]

New Years Eve 2011

This year I really wasn’t up for going out for a large New Years celebration so we decided to have a small dumpling party at our house with family. Hubster and I both had our sisters over and a cousin to drink, play boardgames, consume dumplings and rin gin the new year. We had a [...]

Polish Bridal Shower

I went to a bridal shower for a friend last weekend, and it was my first Polish one. It was much more formal than the one I attended previously with about 70 people attending with a sit-down dinner in a hall. It was beautiful and a lot of fun, especially hearing special Polish songs and [...]


Last weekend hubster and I had my coworkers over for a housewarming party. We’ve never had so many people in our place at once and surprisingly we all fit. One coworker also has her birthday this week so we decided to bake her a cake. Initially I was going to make it but since I [...]

Pi Day Pie Fest II

We had our annual Pi Party yesterday, which was delayed due to us having to move during Pi Day weekend. The pies were amazing and the company equally so. This year I baked my own pie (pumpkin) which came out really well. I will definitely be making the pumpkin pies for thanksgiving from now on [...]