October 2017
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Inuvik Tourism Centre Artifacts

One of the first recommended spots to check out when arriving in Inuvik is their tourism centre. Not only do they provide you with a list of things to do/see in the town but they also have a large selection of artifacts to look at and books/videos to read/watch. Here are some of the things [...]

Maman In Ottawa

While I was freezing my ass off in Ottawa last weekend I managed to snag a shot of the giant spider (aka Maman) outside the The National Gallery of Canada. I took a shot with the spider back in 2006 when I made my first trek to Ottawa for Canada Day. I couldn’t believe the [...]

Ecology Design Synergy

I’ve had these pictures for a while and actually forgot about them. I stumbled upon them while looking for something else and decided to post them now. These are shots of the Ecology.Design.Synergy exhibit that was on display at the MaRS Centre in July. You can read about the exhibit here.

More shots can be [...]

B&W Shots Around Toronto

Here are a few black and white shots that I’ve taken around Toronto. I love b&w shots. Sometimes a picture just doesn’t look right in colour and when it’s converted to b&w…wow! It’s amazing how much better they can look. Some pics are just meant to be b&w.

1. By St. Lawrence Market 2. AGO [...]

Shoe Museum Part 3

The Bata Shoe Museum had a collection of celebrity shoes in two sections. One was for pop culture celebrities and the other was in their sports section with various sport footwear. Here are the ones I took. They are semi-decent shots. I was rushing since there were many people around me at times.

1) [...]