October 2017
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Montréal Poutine

How can one go to Montréal and NOT eat poutine? One word describes it: fabulous! Well maybe a second: enormous! The portion was HUGE and we almost regretted not just sharing one between the two of us. Since nobody else was doing that though, despite the fact that they couldn’t finish a “regular” serving either, [...]

Toilets & Toilet Paper In Japan

I encountered many familiar, strange, and intriguing things relating to toilets and washrooms in Japan. Some things I already knew about, such as how I needed to carry hand soap and a hand towel in my purse since many washrooms do not provide either. I took along a few products from Bath And Bodyworks to [...]

Japanese Style Hotels

One of the best experiences we had on our Japan trip was staying at traditional Japanese style hostels and hotels. They were all a no-shoe zone (you have to leave your shoes in the foyer or hallway), the floors were covered in tatami mats, the beds were Japanese futons (so comfy!) and the seating area [...]

Crepes In Harajuku

Harajuku is famous for many things: gothica, visual kei and cosplay outfits, rebellious performances, and crepes on sidewalks. In Japan it is considered rude to eat or drink while on the sidewalk. You either stay in the restaurant and eat or you take your food to go and find a bench. One of the only [...]