October 2017
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Beer Museum

The beer museum is love! And just like the Parasite Museum, it’s free. The beer isn’t free, but it’s still very affordable. The museum includes displays of the factory over the years, videos of how beer is made, and various historic advertisements. It was really interesting and well worth going. At the end of the [...]

Meguro Parasitological Museum

The Parasite Museum is one of those places that is really educational, interesting, and severely disgusting at the same time. Another plus aspect is that it is completely free! But after you go through the museum, which is filled with various types of parasites, you’ll want to make a donation because it’s so awesome. Or [...]

Toilets & Toilet Paper In Japan

I encountered many familiar, strange, and intriguing things relating to toilets and washrooms in Japan. Some things I already knew about, such as how I needed to carry hand soap and a hand towel in my purse since many washrooms do not provide either. I took along a few products from Bath And Bodyworks to [...]

Fukuoka Beaches

We went to the beach a couple of times in Fukuoka. The first was during the evening while the sun was setting. There are a lot of nice buildings around the beach that made it very picturesque. We returned another day during the night to do fireworks. Unfortunately it was too windy to do anything [...]

Bike Riding in Fukuoka

Japan is a great place to ride your bike around. A lot of people use it to get around (so it’s very common), for the most part the sidewalks are wide enough to ride your bike with pedestrians, and it’s just fun. While in Fukuoka we borrowed some bikes and went riding with my sister, [...]