November 2017
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Mel’s Diner

This is the remains of a popular all-day breakfast diner in Waterloo, especially among UW and WLU students. Hubster and I had gone there many times with various friends over the course of our undergraduate careers. It was so disheartening to find out that Mel’s had burned down in a fire that took out most [...]

Mill St. Brewery

Hubster and I went to the Mill St. Brewery in the Distillery District recently for me to eat some pub food end enjoy a delicious Mill St. beer. I normally buy the organic version but since none of the LCBOs near us stock their Wit beer, I had a pint while I was there. Delicious! [...]


Hubster and I decided to take advantage of a warm spring day a couple of weekends ago and walk down to harbourfront. It was a nice long walk but well worth it. Here are some shots I took around Lake Ontario. More shots can be found on my Flickr Page.


Neuschwanstein Castle

I spent only a few days in Münich, Germany, but I was lucky enough to see the Neuschwanstein Castle. Sleeping Beauty’s (Disney) castle is based off of the architecture of this castle. The castle is not fully completed on the interior since the person who built the castle ran out of money. He was obsessed [...]

Galerie des Glaces

I was dying to see the Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles. I had heard it was breathtakingly beautiful. It was, but with so many people crammed in there, some of the appeal had dissipated as soon as I walked in. I tried to get shots in but it can be really tricky [...]