October 2017
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Congee Wong

I recently went out with hubster’s family for congee for the first time. One of their favourite restaurants to go to as a family is Congee Wong, which up until this time hubster’s dad thought it was called Congee Queen. I didn’t have the desire to try out congee before because in my parent’s culture [...]

Home Made Christmas Food

This Christmas, like many before, was filled with lots of delicious foods. I was treated to many delicious items from savoury to dessert. Here are some highlights of what I got to eat. The first is a meal I had with my in-laws. My husband made all the savoury dishes, a Beef Wellington, asparagus wrapped [...]

RIP Miso

I haven’t posted in a while partially because I’ve been busy moving house and also because Miso passed away recently and I was too sad to make this post. I’m still really sad to make it even now. She passed away peacefully in her sleep from old age, which is really much better than how [...]

Goodbye Chu

I had to put down my rat, Chu today. She had surgery a few months ago for a mammary tumor and ended up getting spayed as well because she had a tumor in her uterus. Up until a week ago she was fine but started to bleed again and plump up to double her size. [...]

Canadian Thanksgiving 2010

Last year I spent Thanksgiving with my sister and good friend in Fukuoka, Japan. We had delicious Indian curry and naan that night. It was such a memorable night. This year since my sister is back in Canada, Thanksgiving was extra special. She was waiting to have our traditional Thanksgiving dinner with cornish hens. We’re [...]