October 2017
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Whitehorse In The Morning

The day after we arrived in Whitehorse we woke up bright and early because we hadn’t adjusted to the time difference yet. We decided to walk around and explore the city while there was minimal activity on the streets. I managed to take a few shots of things I found interesting. The architecture and urban [...]

Broadway Cheesecake Co.

While wandering around Montréal, hubster and I came across a cheesecake shop called Broadway Cheesecake Co.. I had to almost beg hubster to go since he doesn’t like cheesecake. I finally convinced him that we should check it out and boy was I glad we did! This place is so amazing. There are so many [...]

Ramsden Park

While walking along Yonge St. in my adventure to the Summerhill Station, I came across a lovely park and neighbourhood that I didn’t know about. It was right across from the Rosedale TTC station and bordered many old, quaint houses. Hubster had bought some fish and had to hurry back home so I explored the [...]

Tugboat In Harbourfront

This is a shot of Lake Ontario along Queens Quay (pronounced “queens key”) in Toronto. I took this after attending the LG Fashion Show when we decided to walk Eastward along the lake. And yes, the boat really is that red.


Hubster and I took out first visit to Cabbagetown today. It was a beautiful spring day so I had many opportunities to take shots in the comfort of a summer dress. It’s a quaint little area filled with a mixture of architecture and little shops. A nice treat for a nice day. Here are a [...]