August 2017
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Hotel Time

Here are some shots of one of the two upgraded rooms we had at our hotel. Our original room had some lock issues so we got two bigger and better rooms. Excellent! What a great way to start off the anniversary weekend.


Shoe Museum Part 3

The Bata Shoe Museum had a collection of celebrity shoes in two sections. One was for pop culture celebrities and the other was in their sports section with various sport footwear. Here are the ones I took. They are semi-decent shots. I was rushing since there were many people around me at times.

1) [...]

Shoe Museum Part 2

There were so many beautiful shoes at the Bata Shoe Museum. Many shots didn’t come out well enough to keep but out of the ones that did it was hard to pick a select few to post on here. So I chose most of them. You can really see how vast their collection is.


Shoe Museum Part 1

Hubster’s sisters stayed over for a couple of days this week and despite the cold weather we decided to make the trek outside to see the Bata Shoe Museum. I’ve been wanting to check it out for some time now and it was well worth braving the cold. The admission fee isn’t too bad either [...]