October 2017
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Nadège Bakery in Toronto

I got to go to a fabulous French bakery a few weeks back called Nadège located on the North side of Queen St. W. next to Trinity Bellwoods Park. They have lots of tasty pastries, mini cakes, and my favrouite, macarons! I can’t even describe how heavenly their macarons are. I went back yesterday and [...]

Toronto Skylines

I recently attended a wedding at the Atlantis Pavillion, which was a lot of fun. I didn’t even know there was such a place existed by Ontario Place. It is right by the lake and I was able to take advantage of the numerous photo ops of the Toronto Skyline. Here are three I took [...]

Jays Game

I’ve been pretty social this week going out every night after work to hang out with various people. Last night I attended the Blue Jays – Yankees game with some co-workers as a work social event. It was a lot of fun especially since my beloved Jays slaughtered my long-time hated team the Yankees 16-7. [...]

Polish Bridal Shower

I went to a bridal shower for a friend last weekend, and it was my first Polish one. It was much more formal than the one I attended previously with about 70 people attending with a sit-down dinner in a hall. It was beautiful and a lot of fun, especially hearing special Polish songs and [...]

High Park Zoo

While in High Park I checked out their “zoo” which has pens with various animals in them. Some of the animals hadn’t been brought out yet since they’re from warmer climates and it was still too chilly for them to be outside. I found this buffalo especially cute because it was hiding behind the building. [...]